terms & conditions



A refundable security deposit is required for all Nisga'a Hall rentals: $100 for non-liquor events, $200 for liquor/gaming events. Security deposits are fully refundable if all terms and conditions are met.

Keys to the Nisga'a Hall are not released to renters until full payment is received.

Any damages to the interior or exterior of the Hall and/or equipment caused by any member of the Renting Party shall be the full financial responsibility of the Renting Party.

Access to the Nisga'a Hall is only available on the day of the event. For an additional fee of $150, 

the Renting Party may secure access to the Hall at 5pm the day before the event, subject to availability.

The Renting Party is responsible for the issued Hall keys for the duration of the event. In the event that keys are lost or misplaced by the Renting Party, the full costs associated with replacing all Hall locks are the responsibility of the Renting Party.

The Society is not liable for any damages, injuries, or lost/stolen property during an event.

All tables and chairs will be setup and properly stored by the Renting Party. For an additional fee, the Hall will setup or take down all tables and chairs.

Staples, nails, thumbtacks, and confetti are not to be used in the Hall.

All kitchen appliances and other equipment must be cleaned and all garbage put out. Failure to comply will result in a deduction off the security deposit of $75. Failure to clean up before allotted take down/clean up time results in the forfeit of the security deposit.

FOR BOUNCY CASTLE RENTERS: the Renting Party is responsible for maintaining the rules of the equipment and are wholly responsible for any injuries or damages associated or that may occur during operation of the bouncy castle. A separate rental agreement must be completed for the bouncy castle.

Management reserves the right to refuse rentals at any time.